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Evita Stewart

Who says you can’t be 95 and date?

The first thing you notice about Eva (although she prefers you call her Evita) Stewart is that she doesn’t look 95. Always elegantly dressed, vivacious, and upbeat (what else can you say about someone whose license plate reads “No Give Up”), she strikes you as decades younger.

And she’s also pretty youthful in her approach to dating. She’s regularly seen in the company of a man who is 12 years her junior. “Anyone my own age wouldn’t be able to keep up with me,” she says with a smile.

And among their outings have been a hot air balloon ride and ziplining (yes, soaring through the treetops on a zipline, an activity that intimidates people much younger). Says Evita of the experience, “It was fabulous. I was never afraid, but you do have to pay attention because it’s challenging.”

How did this wonderful pairing of Evita and her gentleman friend come about? Well, that’s a story in itself.

Widowed in 2000 after a “beautiful marriage” of 44 years, Evita sold the house she had shared with her husband in Jackson Hole, WY, and moved to the couple’s second home in Indian Wells, near Palm Springs. Adapting to life alone, she periodically visited one of her daughters, grandchildren and great grandchildren in Santa Rosa.

She ultimately sold the house in Indian Wells and bought a home in Santa Rosa to be closer to them.

As time went by, she desired a more active social life and male companionship. “So I visualized not being alone and I made a list and talked to the man upstairs. Number 1, he must be a widower who had had a happy marriage. Number 2, he must be a gentleman—respectful and loving.”

Two days after imagining her perfect partner, she received a card from a retirement community describing the social life available there and inviting her to attend lunch and a tour.

Evita was so impressed by what the retirement community had to offer, she immediately decided to sell her house in Santa Rosa and become a resident of the community. While she was waiting for her house to sell, the retirement community invited her to a monthly party.

“While I was at the party, this very nice-looking gentleman made eye contact with me. When he heard I was going to move in, he said, ‘may I call you?’ and I replied with a smile, ‘that would be nice.’”

Since meeting three years ago, Evita and her gentleman friend have been constant companions who truly enjoy each other’s company. Her hunch that a man who had previously experienced and contributed to a fulfilling and long-lasting relationship has paid off.

“We speak freely about our former spouses. We do love them, but we let them go. However, we feel that they are still with us in spirit and that they approve of our relationship. So it’s a beautiful discussion about our past experiences. You can love people and miss them, but you can’t bring them back. And they would want you to move forward and find love like you had.”

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