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Planning for your Longevity

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”  is a very common question every child hears…and didn’t we all have many different answers!

As we age, we might be asking slightly different questions and really not know where to find the answers. The aging prospect can be scary for many. A focused plan for our aging process will not only put a worried mind at rest but also ease the transitions we all will experience.

Fortunately, COPA, Collaborative on Positive Aging, is offering a 12-month workshop series for developing your personal aging plan. The series is offered at two locations in Sonoma County. You may attend all of the sessions or just the one’s you are interested in. There is a small donation requested for each session. Check out the current schedule of classes here: Planning for Your Longevity Workshop Information.

COPA is a collaboration of representatives from agencies around Sonoma County, independent professionals, and interested members of the public. Our goal is to promote and facilitate positive aging in Sonoma County. To this end, we have joined together to explore ways to capitalize on, and accelerate, national interest in expanding opportunities and options for people in the second half of life. We envision Sonoma County becoming a national leader in the Positive Aging movement.

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