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Donated Chevy Volt

PG&E donates electric car to Council on Aging

Council on Aging recently presented Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) Company’s Sonoma Division with its “Making a Difference Award” for the company’s donation in fall 2015 of a 2011 Chevrolet Volt for use in COA’s Meals on Wheels program. Meals on Wheels provides more than 285,000 meals per year to home-bound seniors.

In addition, PG&E also contributed money to Council on Aging for application of colorful graphics to the car to identify it as a Meals on Wheels vehicle and to help promote the visibility of the program.

presentation photo

Alyssa Kutzer and John Ghigliazza

According to John Ghigliazza, PG&E’s Sonoma Division Manager, the company heard that COA was seeking an electric vehicle to help deliver meals on a daily basis to seniors, and felt that donation of a vehicle would fit well into PG&E’s “Economic and Community Vitality” category of community-investment grants.

“For us, it was looking at what the options were,” said Ghigliazza. “Council on Aging had the infrastructure already in place for an electric vehicle and we knew Meals on Wheels needed one. We took a new approach and looked at our own fleet of vehicles for a way to give back. This was a good opportunity to donate to a local nonprofit in need.”

Use of the donated electric vehicle is expected to save approximately $6,000 per year over operation of a gas-powered vehicle for delivering meals.

“PG&E has been a generous and pro-active partner over the years in providing financial support to our Meals on Wheels program,” said Alyssa Kutzer, Council on Aging’s Director of Development. “In donating the Volt, they have helped expand the number of people we serve each day. Meals on Wheels drivers not only drop off a nutritious meal to clients, but also check in on their well-being on a daily basis, as well. By helping these seniors stay nourished and independent, PG&E truly is assisting Council on Aging in ‘making a difference.’”

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