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Local Artist featured at COA Office

In an effort to showcase the many talents of those over 50 in our community we are pleased to introduce our resident guest artist: Laurie Palmer.

When Laurie was a little girl, she used to imagine what it would be like to live on the ceiling. She spent many hours in her mind walking around and moving the furniture, doors and windows on the flat surface above her head.

Later, studying art at the University of California at Davis with such illustrious artist/teachers as Wayne Thiebaud, Robert Arneson and Roland Mitchell, she always remembered her childlike imagination. She went on to get a teaching credential from the University of California at Berkeley.

“Through my art, I am able to access the childlike joy, mystery, and surprise of creativity”, she says, especially when working with budding artists as a teacher at Petaluma Junior High School.

“The challenge”, she says, “Is getting out of my own way and trust that still small voice that says “This might work and I’ll try it (Diane Mariechild). “I also keep reminding myself of what Robert Rauschenberg said. “Being correct is never the point. Being right can stop all the momentum of a very interesting idea.”

Laurie has exhibited in Sonoma County for many years and is also a teacher of Feldenkrais@Method. She lives in Santa Rosa with her husband, a cat and her imagination.

You may view Laurie’s art at the Council on Aging office located at 30 Kawana Springs Road in Santa Rosa.

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