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Are you interested in aging positively? What would that take?

If you belong to a group of any kind and would like a fun and personally enriching project, we have a resource for you. Multiple topics affecting quality of life are assembled in 1 workbook, and can be used in many ways.

For more information please contact: COPA | (707) 794-2672 | Email Copa

Americans are living longer than ever before. Are you prepared, financially and emotionally, for the challenges and opportunities that are inherent in this new reality?

COPA is a collaboration of representatives from agencies around Sonoma County, independent professionals, and interested members of the public. Our goal is to promote and facilitate positive aging in Sonoma County. To this end, we have joined together to explore ways to capitalize on, and accelerate, national interest in expanding opportunities and options for people in the second half of life. We envision Sonoma County becoming a national leader in the Positive Aging movement.

Do our goals resonate with you? Is this work worth your time and energy? To be successful, we will need your help. We meet on the third Thursday of every month, 10:30-noon, at the Council on Aging facility. We encourage new members and active participation. Our work to date is summarized below, and thank you to all who participated in our survey.

For more information on joining us, please come to a meeting or email Email COA

Check out results of the Positive Aging Survey Results 2012

The survey was taken during September and October 2012 and was conducted online, in print, and at more than 20 Positive Aging discussion groups at various locations around Sonoma County. It is noted that some themes occur in more than one category, reflecting the numerous perceptions of the attendees.

The associated guide, “Resources on Positive Aging,” was assembled by members of the COPA team. It isn’t comprehensive, yet it does provide good inroads to the rapidly growing body of work in the Positive Aging field. Resource Guide on Positive Aging, assembled by members of COPA.

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Funding Sources

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